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UAV GeoBat Balloon Radar Decoy Strategies

A GeoBat small UAV might be the perfect platform for an enemy radar decoy and disruption balloon concept. A swarm of GeoBat UAVs could be hand launched and sent into enemy territory and travel using tiny amounts of fuel. Please read this report first:


The GeoBat would fly into the enemy's area and land in water or land. If it landed in water it would sink itself using a small hook and fishing line to take it below the surface of the water and anchor itself floating in the water. In the wings of the GeoBat would be a deployable balloon, which would inflate via satellite command and the GeoBat would surface in the water and float up into the sky or arise from the land where it last landed. The balloon would be made of thin aluminum foil and contain a gas which was used to inflate the GeoBat stored in a small compressed tube on board.

As the GeoBats floated into the air they would register many different signatures on the radar, which would be quite significant depending on the swarm, each rising to a relatively random height and floating with the wind. The GeoBats could be turned off and on, rising and lowering, deflating and re-inflating over and over again. They can even start up the motor and fly around in any direction needed, overwhelming the enemy. Attached to the GeoBats would be any number of sensors based on the mission needs, such as video feed, sonar altitude controls, whistlers, etc. These units would have a Tiny OS - Operating System, which could be pinged by the satellite to do various tasks, easy yes or no, one or zero commands.

A small pulse of sound could emit inside the balloon to make the enemy radars blink on and off, simultaneously or all at once. With this amount of disruption there would be no way to tell what is what. In a planned attack of a large region they could fly to their intended points prior and in many locations surrounding the region. A set of complex schemes and tactics could render the enemy in a disrupted and chaotic state, making them hesitate, second guess equipment, make mistakes and generally causing the human operated command and control center to become relatively useless as a serious of Smart Munitions zero in and are launched at key pre-designated targets.

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