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The Merging of Humans and Computers

Soon the human brain will be completely interfaced with the computer. The benefit to mankind will be truly significant. The truth is that Arthur C Clark in his short stories talked about groups of people being connected in real time by neuron transmitting devises below the skin. You might even have all the world's knowledge and latest research all in a chip connected to your brain. Today we see the beginnings of this with teens with cell phones and PDA devices used in Flash Mobs. Such a computer, communication, brain interface would be the next logical step as SciFi meets Moore's Law and MIT completes their latest Media Lab exploit of Nano tech gone wild.

The communication device would be in real time, the "Internet in your head" so you can only imagine the opportunities, business and communication at the Speed of Thought. Instead of trading MP3 Player music on the Internet, you would be trading experiences in 4D, and thought using Nano-Tech computer, which interfaces with the enhanced brain. You could do real-time research with members of certain groups across the ocean and when someone made a discovery, the time to write the white paper or peer review would be instantaneous.

Thus cutting down the research time to next to zero. If you read certain books such as Prescription to the Future; and The 500 year Delta, Futurists book reviews and others working on these issues you can see where we are headed. Some are worried about this but I am rather intrigued on the possibilities for the betterment of mankind. Will computers be smarter than humans? Computers and humans will be one in this case, so we will be equal. Instead of the preverbal file swapping or file sharing, you will be thought swapping. The future is closer than you think, have you considered this?

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