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Free Cellular Phone

Free cellular phone offers.

You can definitely find a free cellular phone by looking through the promotions offered by various phone companies. Usually you will have to sign a one or two year contract in order to receive the free cellular phone. But this contract may not be a bad thing if the cellular phone company provides good quality services and offers great plans. Look for other advantages like free night and weekend minutes or additional services like SMS text messaging, voice messages, call waiting, or others.

Selecting your free cellular phone.

After you have selected the company whose services you would like to use and selected a cellular service plan, you need to try to pick the best free cellular phone offered by your service provider. Look through all the free phones offered and research their qualities: size, design, weight, features, additions like a camera, etc.

Warranty for your free cellular phone.

After you have selected your free cellular phone, make sure that you sign up for the warranty plan for you cellular phone. Yes, you have probably signed up for a great offer and saved a lot of money, but many of these benefits would be lost if your phones brakes. That is where the benefit of the warranty plan comes in. You will get your free cellular phone replaced with the new one at no charge.

Hidden charges with your free cellular phone.

Be careful and watch for hidden charges when you are getting a free cellular phone. There are many great offers without hidden charges but some offers can have hidden charges associated with them. Look carefully through the contract and make sure everything is correct.

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