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Smooth Sailing (Selling) In The Second Half of The Year

You can make a difference in the second half! You can't do it by doing the same things the same way.

You can make a difference in the second half every year! You can do it by thinking differently and being different. For example:

Always link your ideas to action steps. Always put them in writing. Always include dates. Remember, the old Proverb that says - "Talk doesn't cook rice." Nothing gets done if you don't do it.

You get what you expect. Change your expectations. Always expect to make your numbers. Always means always. Be optimistic about everything. Optimists make more money than pessimists. I kid you not!

Remove these "Gutless" words from your dictionary. Commodity - can't - impossible - discount - ordinary. The ultimate tool all salespeople rely on is words. If you don't own a dictionary - you'd better get one immediately! A sales person without a dictionary is like a guitarist without a guitar.

Great salespeople have much in common with great works of art and the common bond is creativity. Some people think they aren't creative. That's balderdash - it's a great word - look up it's definition if you're not sure what it means. If you have a mind you have the potential to be creative. If you have a body you have the potential for fitness.

There are however no shortcuts - both require continuous exercise.

>>> Unleash your imagination . . .

>>> Harness your intellectual inventiveness . . .

>>> Stimulate your thinking . . .

Each of us is born with unlimited potential.

Most of us go through life with permanent potential.

Ordinary people are capable of doing extraordinary things. It happens every day.

What It Takes . . .

Do you know what it takes?

There are six characteristics of very successful salespeople. If you possess these qualities you have what it takes to succeed in sales.

1. Successful salespeople are optimists.

2. Successful salespeople are goal oriented.

3. Successful salespeople are personally accountable for the results they achieve or don't achieve.

4. Successful salespeople are passionate about their work, their products, and their customers.

5. Successful salespeople are always sharpening their selling skills - and they have the biggest Learning Libraries in their company.

6. Finally, successful salespeople never - never - never give up.

Do you have for what it takes?

How you measure up with these six characteristics will determine your ultimate success. Few salespeople have these qualities wired into their DNA. Having said this, very few salespeople achieve success without them. It's up to you to acquire the knowledge and skills to get what it takes.

Are you doing what it takes?

Blending in versus standing out is an extremely important and conscious strategy in today's highly competitive environment. Blending in is the virus and standing out is the antidote. From the customer's perspective, when all competitors appear similar it puts extreme pressure on the pricing variable. Anybody can discount! It takes imagination, creativity, and the willingness to demonstrate to your customers how specifically you and your products add value to their current situation.

Sidebar ? if you can't quantify the value you're adding, don't expect your customers to be able to see it.

Do you know how to get what it takes?

If you don't possess the skills to be number one in your company - what you doing about it? Is your Learning Library filled with books or are the shelves barren and collecting dust? There are many ways to acquire knowledge about the selling profession - including: books, CDs, TeleSeminar's, Webinars, Boot Camps, and even e-Learning.

If you're not doing what it takes ? don't be surprised with your results!

If, however, you do what it takes - you'll truly be amazed with your results.

When you make every day a masterpiece - you'll discover smooth sailing in the second half of every year!

Jim Meisenheimer is the creator of No-Brainer Sales Training. His sales techniques and selling skills focus on practical ideas that get immediate results. You can discover all his secrets by visiting his website: http://www.meisenheimer.com


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