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Create Miracles in Your Life

Until recently, miracles were usually credited to a supernatural power. The miracles in the Bible are a good example. Nowadays, miracles can be described as something that is extraordinary, inexplicable and unexplainable by normal circumstances. We all need a miracle, even a small one, every now and again. An example of a small miracle might be finding a parking space downtown on a busy afternoon. A larger miracle could be finding the perfect career opportunity, meeting a new partner, or enjoying an exotic vacation.

Seven factors are required for a miracle to occur: acceptance, serendipity, intuition, universal love, willingness to change, faith, and a method of sending your request out into the universe.

ACCEPTANCE. Obviously, you will not be entirely happy with your current situation if you are requesting a miracle. However, you must accept your current circumstances without regret, fear, hurt, anger or blame.

SERENDIPITY. Serendipity is the ability to make fortunate discoveries by accident. In fact, you should take this a step further and expect fortunate discoveries to occur by accident. When you expect good things to happen, the universe ensures they do. That is almost a miracle in itself.

INTUITION. Everyone has a small, quiet voice inside him or her that guides, counsels and advises. To achieve a miracle you need to pay attention, listen and then act on your intuition.

UNIVERSAL LOVE. An impartial love for all humanity is essential. Once you express this you will start seeing the good in everyone you meet. The more love you give to others, the more love you will receive back in return.

WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE. You can change your life if you want to. Honest assessment is necessary, and this can be painful. Change takes a great deal of hard work and effort, but the rewards are incalculable.

FAITH. You need faith in yourself for miracles to occur. You also need to believe that you can create miracles. If you believe it is possible, you are right. If you believe miracles are impossible, you are also right. Faith is an essential requirement.

REQUESTING YOUR MIRACLE. Once you have worked on these areas and decided on your miracle, you can send it out into the universe confident that you will achieve it. You can send your request in many ways. You might pray and ask for a miracle. You might write a letter outlining your miracle and then burn it, letting the smoke carry your request out into the universe. You may simply focus on your desire and think about it every day. Once you have sent your request out into the universe, give thanks for the miracle you know is yours.

Instant miracles can occur, but they often take time. Remain confident that it will happen, and continue sending out your request until it manifests itself.

The time of miracles is not over. You can become a miracle-worker. Ask for miracles on a regular basis and make your dreams come true.

Richard Webster is the author of 80 books, including Miracles: Inviting the Extraordinary Into Your Life, Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians, and Soul Mates (All published by Llewellyn Publications). His website is http://www.psychic.co.nz

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