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Finding Freedom!

"You have not handed me over to the enemy but have set my feet in a spacious place. " Psalm 31:8, NIV

During this weekend we're reminded of all of those who've gone before to fight for our country so that we can remain America the Free. I'm not sure how many truly realize the cost of freedom and what it takes for us to remain that way. In fact, many of our basic rights such as freedom of religion are disintegrating right before our eyes and yet with so much apathy prevalent it seems as though we're sleeping right through a take-over.

There is always a cost to freedom. The funny thing is freedom does not come free! The cost for freedom usually has a high debt attached and always with the shedding of blood. Just ask any soldier returning from war.

It has been this way since Adam and Eve ate of the tree. God had to shed the blood of animals to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve, and we've been shedding blood ever since.

In order to be freed from sin God shed the blood of His only Son. What? Don't you mean we did? Well yes and no. God is always in control and all things work together for the good of those who love Him; according to His purpose and will. So really God GAVE us His only Son who then willingly, obediently went to the Cross to die for our transgressions. Those nails could not have held Him there. Love did.

Freedom is really very expensive. It's not free. We find freedom when we can willingly lay down our lives for others, regarding them as better than us, loving them as Jesus loves us and all for the greater good. Freedom isn't about us as individuals, it's about giving up the right to yourself. Giving up the right to your own life if necessary.

I've been reading my friend Nani Aki Linder's book, Trial by Fire, and the entire book is one of selfless suffering, giving, integrity and honor. She writes, "A person's character is measured by what he does for all creatures, be they animal or human being. Beyond that, when you help those who can do nothing for you in return, then the blessings will come. "

You see she understands that through her immense suffering, she has found the freedom in letting go and letting God. While that may sound cliche to you, it is the simple truth. Freedom is a gift that is not acquired but earned.

As Americans we have freedom because others were willing to die for the privilege. Expecting it without earning it, is naive at best and apathetic at worst. We find freedom when we are willing to sacrifice ourselves, our lives, our own freedom even for the greater good. Remember freedom is never free.

*Dedicated to all the men and women who have given their lives in bravery and courage that we might continue to be a free America. Thank you!*

About the Author:
Kim Bloomer is a natural pet care consultant who teaches others how to care for their pets naturally and preventatively using therapeutic grade essential oils, whole food supplements and natural feeding. Go to Aspenbloom Pet Care to learn more. Visit her dog's blog to find out what the animals say about caring for them naturally Bark 'N' Blog
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