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Genetically Predisposed to Faith

Have you ever wondered how much faith you really have? If you are like me there have been times in your life when you question how much faith you have: times when you doubt your ability to cope with personal difficulties, and times when the threat of terrorism or natural disasters feels overwhelming. This is the time to strip away your inhibitions and use your imagination to find more faith.

We are all genetically predisposed to have faith. It is a gift from God. The instinct to have faith is as strong as our will to survive. It is in fact part of our survival mechanism. Without faith we do not have the courage to go on. Without faith we have no hope. Without faith we cannot fulfill the promise that is within each of us to do something worthwhile with our lives. That is why God instilled in us the need to have faith.

Your imagination is a reflection of what your subconscious mind or soul is thinking. These thoughts creep into your mind when you first wake up or interject themselves into your thinking at odd times of the day with seemingly no reason or continuity to what you were doing of thinking about. Don't discount these thoughts out of hand. Don't let years of rigid adherence to a particular way of thinking stop you from finding more faith. Don't let it stop you from finding new ways to get more faith. I don't believe that God cares about labels. I think it's what is in your heart that counts.

When you strip away your inhibitions you will discover that you are a good and worthwhile person who is entitled to have faith. You are entitled to feel good about yourself. God gave us our imaginations, which allow us to worship him in any way that we believe is right. God in his infinite wisdom gave us the right to make choices. He must have known what he was doing.

Try and strip away your inhibitions and imagine how wonderful it would be to have faith in the Almighty without any preconditions. Try and imagine that God in his wisdom allows the natural evolution of nature to take its course as part of the creation of his grand design. Try and believe in that which we cannot see or understand. Try to use your imagination to listen to the words of the Lord so that you may begin to understand.

Are you deep down in your heart a faith seeker? Do you hunger to have more faith? Are you willing to strip away your inhibitions and use your imagination to help you find more faith in the one Supreme Being? You don't have to be hesitant anymore. You are not alone in your quest to find more faith. You don't have to be afraid to have your desire to become a person of faith exposed. We are all stripped naked in the eyes of God. We are all creatures of his divine creation. We can all become people of faith. We can all learn to express our faith in God.

Arthur Levine, Faith Builder Imaginator is the author of The Magic of Faith which can be previewed at http://www.Faith123.com

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