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Gods To Do List - Get Specific!

I know eyebrows are probably raising about now, but let me tell you this works ! How does God know what we want or need if we don't get specific and let Him know ?

All you have to do and I do this on a monthly basis and update it accordingly is make a list. I make mine like a grocery list and put the title at the top of the list. My title is always "OK God ... This is what I need now ! and proceed to make the list. I make the list and leave the how this will manifest to God. That's His department.

An example of how mine might read for the month:

Rent ... fill in the exact amount

Electric ... fill in the exact amount

I list all my debts owing with the amounts when I know them. Things like groceries, gas, etc... that I don't quite know what the amount might be I still add.

I also add other things besides financial. I might need a business contact to help promote my services or information about something. I add it to the list.

Whatever I need I add to the list and keep it right beside my computer so it is within reach when I want to add additions. I check off each item as it is fulfilled and always, always say a big Thank You ! . Being grateful is an important part of this.

Leave the details to God on how this list is fulfilled and watch miracles happen !

2005 Sharae Taylor

Sharae Taylor is a well known Intuitive Angel Artist whose paintings are in world wide collections and her works have been exhibited with other well known Angel Artists Andy Lakey ,Donna Terody Sheratan,Gary Markowitz, past art editor of "Angel Times" magazine and K. Martin Kuri, Angel Artist and Author. Sharae has also participated in many Angel Expos and Angel Conferences with other well known Angel Authors like Alma Daniels author of "Ask Your Angels". Her Angel paintings are featured in the newly released "Angels" DVD by Llewellyn and New World Music and was featured in the February 2005 issue of Planetlightworker.com. Sharae is a published author in magazines and ezines. To view Sharae's Angelic art and for further information visit her website at:http://www.angelsbysharae.com

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