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How to Test the Spirits

There is a specific technique that a Shaman uses to determine if spirits, guides, entities, beings that visit him or her are beneficial or not. It is an ancient technique that has been around as long as Shamanism has been around. It was written in Egyptian papyrus scrolls. It is found in the Book of Thoth, another ancient manuscript. It is found in the Bible.

I want to teach it to you now. It is very simple. If you ever find yourself in an encounter with anything that you cannot determine if it is good or bad for you, just ask it three times,

"Did my Creator send you here to benefit my Creator?"

Creator means the one who created you, your Source, your God and you can use God or Source instead of Creator if you wish. For example, "Did my God send you here to benefit God?" "Did my Source send you here to benefit Source?" "?Benefit my Creator" means anything that will further the good work of Creator in your life or someone else's.

No negative spirit, entity, being, non physical manifestation can answer this question by lying three times in a row. If this is a good spirit, an angel, a guide, a beneficent presence it will recognize that you are being discriminate and careful and will gladly answer yes three times. If it is a thing of negative energy it may lie two times or even try to change the subject, but it not be able to say yes when asked the third time. When it cannot answer the third time do also send it away from you by saying, "Go back to the one who created you." Put some protection around yourself whether that is a light of protection, the calling in of Creator's own protection, calling on angels to be with you, however you protect yourself.

Why should I protect myself?

There are innumerable energies swirling all around us. Everything is energy. We are immersed in a huge sea of energy. Energy itself is neither good nor bad. But energy can be made positive or negative. A negative thought or intention can be sent out into this sea of energy and travel like a radio wave in space. A positive thought or intention does the same. These energies are created by that thought or intention and they never are uncreated, they never wear out and die. So imagine all the thoughts and intentions in the universe that have ever been created. Wow! Why let all those thought energies bombard you? No need. Why not just let those positive energies that can benefit you be the ones you allow into your energy field and protect yourself from all the rest.

A Shaman keeps a bubble of protection around him or herself at all times. It is not because the Shaman feels threatened or is in danger. It is just because we simply do not need all these errant energies affecting us. There are many ways to protect yourself from errant energies. One way to visualize that you are inside a soap bubble. This soap bubble is always with you, always around you as long as you want it to be. You only have to think of it to know it is there. Inside this soap bubble is the pure white light of Creator, of Source. It is beautiful and sacred and is actually the love of Creator for you that you have always had since before you were born. The outside of this bubble you can visualize as a kind of semi permeable teflon material. It is a very fine mesh that keeps out negative energy and only allows in energy that benefits you, good energy.

This is your bubble, your space, your self, where you are safe and secure and always in the presence of Creator who has always been with you. It is really a beautiful space to have around yourself and I want you to know this gift and feel it in your daily life. Just remember this bubble in the morning and at night as you lie down to sleep. Only good energy, love, peace, happiness, joy, abundance can get into this bubble of protection. Only those spirits, angels, good guides who are made by your Creator and sent by your Creator can enter here. Try this and find a new sense of comfort and freedom in your life. Remember that every thought and intention you create also exists forever. Try to think positive thoughts and intend good things. In this way you become a healer in this world.

Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls is one of America's most beloved traditional Shamanic teachers. She has been a practicing traditional Shaman for 50 years and teaches Shamanism in her online course with love, gentleness and compassion. Her mission is to help others find their own power and use it to heal themselves and others both physically and emotionally. Health includes prosperity, joy, wholeness and compassion. Visit http://www.shamanelder.com to read more about her or write her an email for a FREE consultation to shaman@shamanelder.com

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