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So I met a friend recently and we went to see the movie Garden State, which I had been anxious to see since its release. Written and directed by a young (29-year-old) New Jersey native, I had read that it was about "coming home" to New Jersey.

Having just returned from a 2-1/2 half week visit to my "native home" of New Jersey, the desire to see this movie and have this experience, went much deeper than any conscious intention could have been. The movie turned out to be fabulous, extremely poignant and moving. Somewhat reminiscent of Good Will Hunting, not only in terms of it being a "coming of age" genre, but also having been written by "youngsters."

(It is mind-boggling to me at my age and stage in life, that someone so young, in their 20's for God's sake, could have such insight--much more than a lot of people I know, two or three times their age.)

After the movie, my friend and I walked around the mall a bit, trying to decide where we wanted to eat. The mall noise was ear-shattering, so we decided to go to Wolfie's for some Jewish deli. We hadn't been seated for more than two or three minutes, when I looked to my right and saw a couple being seated. I glanced at the woman's T-shirt which had the name Ridgewood imprinted on it. Almost without thinking, I turned to her and said "that's not Ridgewood, New Jersey is it?" To which she replied, "Yes, it is." I jumped up and immediately walked over to their table. Now here is where it gets, I don't want to say weird, but I guess I'll let you decide what you think.

Within 60 seconds of conversation, it turns out that not only is this couple from Ridgewood, New Jersey, (the town next to my home town of Fair Lawn and my high school's arch rival), but the woman (whose name also happens to be Susan) goes on to say that she works in Fair Lawn. And not only that, she works at the Fair Lawn Public Library. And not only that, she is a Children's Librarian!

Now, what are the odds of that? A Children's Librarian from my hometown library and here I am the author of a brand-new children's book looking for ways to promote myself, especially "back home." And what's more, my brother had already tried to make an inroad at the Fair Lawn Public Library and hadn't been successful.

Within five minutes, Susan and I had become instant friends. Unfortunately, I had neglected to bring my tote bag with my books along with me, but I did have postcards and business cards which of course I gave to her.

The bottom line here, (which I can now see more clearly than ever before) is that just like Julia Cameron, (author of The Artist's Way and my creative mentor) says over and over again, when you are in the flow, doors open magically and things just seem to happen -- all in their own Divine Right Order. (Oh, one last point, Susan has The Artist's Way sitting on her shelf--and has yet had the time to read it!!)

In this insane and chaotic world in which we live--a world in which everyone thinks they must do, do, do -- sometimes the best thing to do is just to relax and un-do. What I mean here, is to step out of our minds and into our hearts, connecting by whatever means we can to the Divine Creative Flow and then just waiting and watching to see what happens!

It sure seems to be working for me -- at long last!

SUSAN SCHANERMAN, M. Ed., is a multi-talented author, artist, speaker, consultant and creativity coach. She is founder of CreativeSuccessWorks, a company that specializes in coaching, training and educational programs and merchandise aimed at uncovering and reclaiming one's creative power.

She has authored two books,God is Color http://www.godiscolor.com and Play or Pay: 77 Ways to Have FUN or Suffer the Consequences and End up Paying the Price http://www.playorpayonline.com

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