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Recovering In The Water

It was in the middle of the night and the boat was being tossed in the wind. The crew was stressed?

Between shoves from the wind, they were shocked to see someone actually walking on the water through the wind, rain, and waves. In Matthew 14 we're told of how the crew was panicking. At first they thought that the man was a spirit and they cried out in fear.

The Challenge
The man walking through the storm told them to cheer up and have courage. He told them that "it is I" and not to be afraid.

Peter answered the man walking on the water. He said, "If that is you, tell me to come out to you."

Jesus did. He said, "Come".

Peter got down out of the boat to go to Jesus as he was told.

Really look at this. We are told in verse twenty-nine that "?And when Peter was come down out of the ship?"

Preparing For the Miracle
Evidently it took some time for that to happen. The testimony doesn't say how long it took or how Peter got down, but it does say that before he could walk on the water to Jesus he had to do it

After the time spent getting ready for the miracle, Peter began to walk on the water to Jesus!

But there was even some more time spent getting to the goal. Peter took his eyes off of Jesus. Peter saw the how windy it was. He was afraid.

The fear he felt was the hook that made him start to sink.
Fear is the opposite faith. No one pleases God without faith (Hebrews 11:6).

As Peter found out, fear is of the enemy. He went from walking on the water to a man starting to sink.

We're told that he began to cry and said, "Lord, save me" to Jesus.

Watching the Physical Realm
How often do you and I see what's around us in the physical realm, get afraid, and start to sink?

It's good news for us is in Matthew 14:31 that immediately upon Peter asking for help Jesus stretched forth his hand and caught him. He commented on the doubt and the little amount of faith that Peter had at the time.

Why would we fall into this category instead of just believing? Why do we have any doubt at all?

God will always do what He said that He would. There's a lie that says we have to beg God to do something for us. The truth is that it's all been done already. Jesus finished it all (John 19:30).

Watching the Spiritual Realm
There are so many gifts for us that were already bought and paid for. The more you and I renew our minds in the Word of God (Romans 12:2), is the more promises that we can see come alive for us in the physical realm.

We have to realize that what we see in the physical realm is not real compared to the spiritual realm. It is temporary and is subject to our changing it by applying the Word of God?

Peter saw that when he looked to Jesus instead of the storm. We should too. We can safely walk through the storms as long as we're focused on Jesus. You and I can avoid sinking by having faith. We can grow in the truth!

Apply the truth in your life! Apply more and more and more of the Word of God!

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-Michelle Jacobson

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