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Spiritual Surrender: Let Nature Be Your Teacher

Although spring is just around the corner, there have been days lately where it feels as though it will never be here. I am not a cold weather person and I never have been. I often kid with people that when it came my time to come to Earth I had requested to live someplace like Tahiti, somehow my request was confused with someone else's who had asked for cold weather and I ended up in the hills of Connecticut. Not funny! As I sit here in this cold, April weather waiting for spring, the one thing I am sure of is that spring will come. Before I know it the snow will have melted and the grass will be green. The daffodils and tulips will be blooming in all of their colorful glory and I will feel the warmth of the spring sun on my face.

Nature and the seasons of our Earth are extraordinary. They can help us to learn to surrender. Did you ever think that spring would not come? I mean really, truly think that spring would not come? Of course not! For millions of years, spring has come. Each day the sun comes up. Each day the sun goes down. Cycle upon cycle upon cycle is the way of nature and so it is with our lives also. I would never imagine that winter would be followed by another winter. No, after winter comes spring. Has your life been in a sort of winter? Do you sometimes feel as though the circumstances of your life will never ease into spring? Rest assured they will. Feel it, know it, believe it, and it will be here for you. Don't dwell in the coldness of this moment. Accept it and at the same time trust in the blooms of spring. Trust that soon you will feel the warmth of peace on your face. Trust that all is well.

Our approach to surrender would be well taken if we followed the path of nature and as we experienced winters of our soul we took refuge in the fact that spring WILL come. Go outside on a cold day and just enjoy the briskness of the weather. For me, the briskness of a cold day helps me to acknowledge and envision my need for warmer weather. I am able to feel the cold and at the same time know that as I surrender to the cold and just let it be, that in my quiet acceptance of the now, I have surrendered. If you are experiencing a need for spring to come in a more metaphoric way, know that your spring is just around the corner too. Live this day and envision a new day of warmth and laughter. Follow the path to Surrender... Let Go... and Believe.

For more information on Spiritual Surrender, please visit us at http://www.isurrenderthis.com and see the powerful tool, "I Surrender This" that is helping people all over the world release their fears and live a more peace filled life.

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Lisa Sullivan is the creator/facilitator of "I Surrender This"

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