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The Big Choice

"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and eat with you, and you will eat with me."

Jesus gives this invitation. To know God is to receive His invitation. Not just to hear it, not just to study it, not just to acknowledge it, but to receive it. It is possible to learn much about God's invitation and never respond to it personally.

Yet His invitation is clear and nonnegotiable. He gives all and we give Him all. Simple and absolute. He is clear in what He asks and clear in what He offers. The choice is up to us.

Isn't it incredible that God leaves the choice up to us? Think about it. There are many things in life we can't choose. We can't, for example, choose the weather. We can't control the economy.

We can't choose whether or not we are born with a big nose or blue eyes or a lot hair. We can't even choose how people respond to us. But we can choose where we spend eternity. The big choice, God leaves to us. The critical decision is ours.

What are you doing with God's invitation? What are you doing with His personal request that you live with Him forever?

That is the only decision that really matters. Whether or not you take the job transfer is not critical. Whether or not you buy a new car is not crucial. What college you choose or what profession you select is important, but not compared to where you spend eternity. That is the decision you will remember.

What are you doing with His invitation?


No decision we-or our neighbors-ever make will match the importance of what we do with God's invitation. That one decision deter-mines where we spend eternity: in God's presence or separated from Him forever.

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